Guest Post: Chance Encounter by Leland Olson Hoel


I came across a lovely piece of article by one of my many loyal readers, Leland. He gave me a little piece of insight of military life.

I do hope you enjoy as much as I do!


Chance Encounter

World’s 10 Greatest Train Journeys

The many decades of the old steam locomotives will be remembered as some of the greatest years of mankind. Countless movies have been made, books have been written, stories told and retold about murder, romance, mystery, and all taking place on those old Steam Locomotive railroad trains. We have to love them and be thankful, there are still many railroads in use today around the world. Millions of people said goodbye by to their loved ones and never saw them return to train stations all over the world during the war years.

It was a sad loss to man to see the old…

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