By the Mighty Mumford

I like keeping  property,

Otherwise known as “my stuff,”

Protected properly

About it I’ll take no guff.

I invited her to my table

To pick up lozenges and change,

Looking and seeing her fiddle

I felt that jealousy then!

I’ve asked someone to wire

My N scale train layout,

Don’t if this one will answer

But I’ve gotten most done (just about).

Means letting him into my inmost lair,

Offering some of my trains ,

Hoping the deal we reach is square

Considering privacy pains.

–Jonathan Caswell

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The Book.” How Easter Killed My Faith In Atheism.”Author:Lee P. Strobel.(1952- )


He summoned his  conversion to Christianity with conviction ,

By these simple words.”It was the worst news l could get as atheist,

My agnostic wife had decided to become a Christian.Two words shot,

Through my mind;the first expletive ; the second was.”Divorce.”

I thought she was going to turn into a self-righteous holly roller.

But over the following months,l was intrigued by the positive change,

In her character and values.”

Mr.Lee now,is a devote Christian ,Wrote many book about Christianity,

The truth ,the light of the world ,Christ the Lord.

((Mr.Atheist ,Gerd Ludermann himself confessed by Saying .”Christ’s

death by crucifixion was Indisputable.” ))Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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Call Centre & Retail – A Thankless Job


Do you know that call centres and retail industry have the highest turnover rate each year? Like the title, it is a thankless job that hardly anyone appreciates, it is low paying too. You hardly see any kids who will pen down their ambition as a customer service officer in America Express or a sales associate at H&M. More likely, these jobs are filled by students on summer breaks or someone who is in between jobs, looking for a breakthrough. You may place waitressing in a restaurant or a bar as a thankless job, however, you usually will tip a server but you’ll never tip a retail sales associate.

I have been in all 3 jobs. A summer job as an apprentice bartender when I was a student. Sales associate in a jewellery store when I was 22. I was 14 years old when I was a telephone operator in…

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Blurb from Colette Inez On Stephen Page’s A Ranch Bordering the Salty River

Stephen Page

Blurb from Colette Inez

On Stephen Page’s A Ranch Bordering the Salty River

This strong and unerringly honest book gives us a unique perspective of a poet/rancher. The poet (his books and diplomas hidden in a secret room) has an insightful grasp of the largely uneasy worker-boss relationship and makes poems out of his ambivalence. Page’s world of horses, cows, birds, grasses, native flowers, and trees are evoked with a mix of lyricism and exactitude. We come to trust his attachment to the land and to his wife and to his wife’s family. All this with a glimmer of a love story in which we may imagine what brought this erudite poet to gaucho country add up to a memorable collection.
– Colette Inez, author of The Luba Poems


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