How Things Are Meant To Be

The Lonely Author


How Things Are Meant To Be

Infertile Jennifer weeps
as she sits in a waiting
room. The frightened
lady beside her came to
abort her unborn child.

We cherish the lover we
can’t have. And we miss
the soul mate we never
appreciated. Our dreams
become our nightmares.

Reality hurts so much. We
lie to ourselves to ease our
pain. In the end we force
ourselves to accept that’s
how things are meant to be.

Photo taken from Google Images.

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By the Mighty Mumford



Nine cans of cat food,


Waiting for a cat to feed

Coming soon–some day?

This cupboard corner coaxes

Consideration for a cat…

Do they have the time and space

To have one in the flat?

Purring warm embraces,

Furry paws that warm…

With fixed expression faces

For whom soft hearts are torn…!

Loving is expensive

To get anything at all…

People and animals need someone to love,

Will a shelter get a call?

–Jonathan Caswell

(Originally posted in THE MARVELOUS MUMFORD blog)

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Watch For It


He stopped at the curb to press the crosswalk button, casually swinging his briefcase as he checked both ways for traffic. Any second now he’d set the briefcase down to tie a shoe or adjust his jacket. Wait… wait… and there it was. Today he tied a shoe. The light turned green and I drove through the intersection glancing at him one last time as he stood to pick up his briefcase. He nodded slightly as I passed. I raised one hand from the steering wheel.

I leave for work very early in the morning. Almost every weekday for a of couple years now I’ve seen this same lone man at the same empty intersection at the same early time of day. We each wake up to carry out our daily routines unconcerned, and mostly unaware, that the other exists except for that thirty seconds or so each morning at…

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Guest Post: Stay on don’t quit by Ngobesing Romanus


I simply love this inspiring poem by a fellow good friend, Ngobesing Romanus.

If you love this poem, find out more about his articles and poems at his blog!

It takes time to make it big;

It takes patience and courage

To excel;

To come out on top;

I know because I’ve lived it;

Many times a task has looked


And I have been tempted to give up;

But because I mustered the courage

And was patient enough to stay on,

I came out victorious.

Make no mistake;

If you are not ready to stay put,

Even though it hurts,

You will not make it;

If you have not the courage

To fight on;

And instead want it the quick way,


Great things are not meant for you.ts

The way to the top is stay on;

Patience pays.

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