Guest Post: Stay on don’t quit by Ngobesing Romanus


I simply love this inspiring poem by a fellow good friend, Ngobesing Romanus.

If you love this poem, find out more about his articles and poems at his blog!

It takes time to make it big;

It takes patience and courage

To excel;

To come out on top;

I know because I’ve lived it;

Many times a task has looked


And I have been tempted to give up;

But because I mustered the courage

And was patient enough to stay on,

I came out victorious.

Make no mistake;

If you are not ready to stay put,

Even though it hurts,

You will not make it;

If you have not the courage

To fight on;

And instead want it the quick way,


Great things are not meant for you.ts

The way to the top is stay on;

Patience pays.

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