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Crazy Thing

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Crazy Thing

Reduced from $1.99 to $0.99

Rock star Griffin Huntley longs for the one thing he never had—family. And who better to give it to him than his girlfriend, manager, and muse, Christina Olsen. But when his New Year’s Eve marriage proposal hits a sour note, Christina flees his limo in the middle of Manhattan, leaving Griffin fearing the worst.

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cured my perpetual sadness


I feel as though the heavy weight of my perpetual sadness has been lifted from me,

I feel my centre of gravity returing as I put my feet on the ground and walk around,

happily absorbing the world like a sponge again,

I have been waiting for this waiting to find my way back,

So many mind exercises I have tried, and physical task to getmy head in the right place,

but it  seems the most recent has made things a little more clearer,

I walked backwards in my mind,

where am I now?

where was I before this?

what did I do before that?

how far can I walk back?

now that I am here, I feel as though I am not in such a small space in my head,

but in a larger, day, week, month.

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Sleeping Beauty

Slipping into sleep

a hundred years ago

a spindle, a spell, a castle

and an arrow and a bow.

Into that tranquil slumber

in land eternally blue

the princess upon her bed

bidding the present adieu.

One hundred years, almost eternal

magic stopped the clock

revenge, a sour spell

twisted firm the lock.

Casting the castle

in nocturnal lure

wanderlust souls treading

in places unsure.

Into worlds bathed in mystery

the frozen years

the passage nears

suspended from history.

There deep inside the woods

where melancholy grew rampant

a prince, the marksman hunter

walked through bramble once brilliant.

Cautious in approach,

skilled in use of bow

the prince determined to seek

what time had turned slow.

That he should find one so fair

upon a bed magnificent

awakened the girl with a kiss

a love forever elegant.

I guess it could be Fairytale Friday…I’ve been in charge of storytelling this week…

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