Death Waits

Poet Rummager

Artwork by: Anna (Life As A Bipolar Artist)

Death Is Watching

On a darkened road,
Death waits. On my GPS,
I re-route the way.

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Sleeping Beauty

L.T. Garvin

Slipping into sleep

a hundred years ago

a spindle, a spell, a castle

and an arrow and a bow.

Into that tranquil slumber

in land eternally blue

the princess upon her bed

bidding the present adieu.

One hundred years, almost eternal

magic stopped the clock

revenge, a sour spell

twisted firm the lock.

Casting the castle

in nocturnal lure

wanderlust souls treading

in places unsure.

Into worlds bathed in mystery

the frozen years

the passage nears

suspended from history.

There deep inside the woods

where melancholy grew rampant

a prince, the marksman hunter

walked through bramble once brilliant.

Cautious in approach,

skilled in use of bow

the prince determined to seek

what time had turned slow.

That he should find one so fair

upon a bed magnificent

awakened the girl with a kiss

a love forever elegant.

I guess it could be Fairytale Friday…I’ve been in charge of storytelling this week…

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Via lobbying against high-speed rail system that would halve travel time from London to Toronto


It’s been called a game-­changer that would transform London’s economy, but if high-speed rail is to come to the region, it would do so over the efforts of the company with a near-monopoly: taxpayer-supported Via Rail.

Via said this week it will ask the federal government to reject calls for high-speed rail and instead embrace what Via wants — its own dedicated track between Toronto and Montreal that would not be high-speed or extend immediately to London.

Gerry Macartney, of the London Chamber of Commerce, said that though Via should look after its business, London and Ontario need a jolt only high-speed rail gives. Americans are building high-speed lines, some on states that border Ontario. “If we don’t find a way to have high-speed rail, they will eat our lunch,” Macartney said Friday.

Momentum for high-speed rail received a boost 19 months ago when the Ontario government commissioned an environmental assessment…

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Flagler Global Logistics From Latin America to your table


Flagler Global Logistics processes perishables from Latin America for the Southeast

Company says patented fumigation and “cold-chain” processes add shelf life to fruits and vegetables

Company’s success opens up Miami as an alternate distribution hub for Latin American exporters

Tired of seeing moldy blueberries, decaying grapes or wilting asparagus in your refrigerator?

Dave Bouchard, president of Coral Gables-based Flagler Global Logistics said that the patented fumigation process his company uses on imported fruits and vegetables, plus careful temperature and humidity control, can add up to 10 days of shelf life to products at retailers — and in your fridge.

“Our system is designed to receive, process, fumigate, pack and ship perishables as quickly as possible with strict temperature and humidity control,” said Bouchard during a tour of the company’s 114,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art South Florida Logistics Center near Miami International Airport. He took over the company earlier this year, after previous stints…

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Sanders Catches Clinton in California!!!!!


new California poll shows Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders locked in a dead heat, while likely Republican nominee Donald Trump trails both Democrats in general elections matchups in the blue state.

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) poll, released Thursday, finds Clinton ahead of Sanders 46%-44% among likely Democratic primary voters — within the poll’s margin of error.

Clinton and Sanders supporters, according to the poll, match up with other states: Clinton is favored by registered Democrats and older voters, while Sanders leads among independents and younger voters. More women back Clinton and more men back Sanders, but the gender divide is small.

The potentially critical California Democratic primary is June 7. Clinton is going up with ads there starting Friday, with spots targeting Hispanic and Asian-American voters, campaign aides told CNN’s Jeff Zeleny, including ads that will be aired in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese and other languages…

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