Time passes

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)


Sunday 29th May

Time passes, slowly
Seconds, minutes, hours
Days, weeks, months.

Actually, it’s been
Over a year
Since you left us.

Four hundred
And forty four days,
To be exact.

And yet it seems
Like only yesterday
You were here.

But you’re not here
You’re there
Flying with Angel wings.

And I miss you
Every single day
I always will.

But I’ll keep on
Loving you
With all my heart.

I’ll remember you
And talk of you
Until I see you again.

My darling son
Precious young man
Now in heaven.





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Private Harold Legs of the United States Army for Memorial Day 2016

John Cowgill's Literature Site

Hello to all of you very great Americans.  I am Private Harold Legs of the United States Army.  Yes, I am Harry Legs.  No, my legs are not really that hairy.  Yes, I hate my name.  Anyway, I want you all to know that this very day is Memorial Day.  What is so great about this Memorial Day?  On this Memorial Day, we celebrate Memorial Day on Memorial Day, the thirtieth day of May.  That makes this very day very special.  It is wonderful to remember those who lost their very lives fighting for this nation, these United States of America, on this very special day set aside for them.  As I fought for my country, I lost some great friends.  As we stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, my best buddy, Scott C. George, was shot by the Germans.  In Korea, I saw my great friend, Lionel Elephante as…

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Creatures of the Night!



A dark poem for the lovers of darkness… the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, or is it a deeper social allegory… I will let you decide that for yourself!

Happy reading… or maybe not!

When the sun goes down, up we rise

With our pale skins and bloodshot eyes.

Beware all who on the surface dwell!

We ascend from the deepest nadirs of hell!

We shall strike in the darkest hours,

We will take back what is rightfully ours.

Foaming at the mouth, baring our fangs,

We run wild with our ghastly gangs.

No restraining rules, no prevailing laws,

Nothing can match our deathly claws.

You may fight but you don’t stand a chance:

Nothing can stop us now! We will advance!

Men, women and their progenies slain,

This is the beginning of infernal reign;

Building up our insatiable appetite

Behold, we are the creatures of the night!

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Favorites This Week: May 27th



Happy Friday! How has your week been going? I’m hoping for lots of fun and relaxation with family, but we’ll see if my two year old is on board with that. Wednesday night was an adventure in our house, so hopefully we won’t have a repeat. Have any tips for potty training at night? Enough about me, let’s get on to some of discoveries that have become favorites this week…

Enough talking about my week, but on to the regularly scheduled Friday favorites…


Do you have those songs that you love, but aren’t completely sure of all the lyrics? Oh, of course you do! We all have that song, or two, or ten that we stumble through parts of the lyrics. Now thanks to James Cordone we now know some of the tough lyrics from Gwen Stefani’s “Sweet Escape!” Thank you so much James Cordone for looking out for us…

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How Would You Like To Buy A Railroad Called “Cowboy Substation Line”?


The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) has issued a request for proposals to seek buyers or operators for two state-owned rail routes: the Cowboy Substation and Blackwell Northern lines. Proposals are due Aug. 17.

The 22-mile Cowboy Substation Line runs between Pawnee Junction and Stillwater, Okla. In 1998, the state of Oklahoma purchased the route from BNSF Railway Co. as part of an asset preservation effort to save as many rail lines as possible from being abandoned and dismantled after several Class Is went bankrupt or merged.

ODOT then sought short-line operators to lease the line to keep it operational and eventually entered into a lease agreement with Stillwater Central Railroad Inc. The department amended the agreement with Stillwater Central — which is owned by Watco Cos. LLC — in January 2013, and the pact is scheduled to expire on Dec. 31, 2017, unless it’s terminated earlier or extended.


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Attention Monster

Summer is almost here which brings it closer to the upcoming football season which brings it closer to unleashing the whimsical characters in my book, Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete.  There are many valid questions that begged to be answered:

Why are we football-obsessed in the South?

Why do we love working out in 100+ degree weather?

Why do we chase an oblong leather ball around like our lives depended on it?

None of these questions; however, are answered in this book.  Nope, for those answers you will have to look elsewhere, but in this book you can discover a boy named Nate and his quest to become a star athlete amidst the scholarly demands of elementary school.  So I will be writing, blogging, promoting, reading and generally working pretty hard this summer.  I am not sure at this time if the saga of Nate will continue or not…

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