Creatures of the Night!



A dark poem for the lovers of darkness… the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, or is it a deeper social allegory… I will let you decide that for yourself!

Happy reading… or maybe not!

When the sun goes down, up we rise

With our pale skins and bloodshot eyes.

Beware all who on the surface dwell!

We ascend from the deepest nadirs of hell!

We shall strike in the darkest hours,

We will take back what is rightfully ours.

Foaming at the mouth, baring our fangs,

We run wild with our ghastly gangs.

No restraining rules, no prevailing laws,

Nothing can match our deathly claws.

You may fight but you don’t stand a chance:

Nothing can stop us now! We will advance!

Men, women and their progenies slain,

This is the beginning of infernal reign;

Building up our insatiable appetite

Behold, we are the creatures of the night!

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