All My Love

The Lonely Author


All My Love

You taught me about love
Now you ask me to forget
So what will I do with the
leftover kisses yearning
to taste your tender lips
Should I save these extra
embraces for a rainy day
Tell me how to erase the
treasured memories you
no longer seem to cherish
Should forever be deleted
from the dictionary since
it suddenly lost its meaning
please before you leave
can you tell me what should
I do with all my love

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healthy body, healthy mind


my smile returned, and knowledge was yearned for again,

I will not issolate myself, or professs my briliants,

these things do nothing, for the community I want to be a part of,

my fikle mind, so easly trained, and so easily drained,

why all these good nutriants I can’t retain?

I am not myself 80% of the time, but when things are,

they sure work damn fine,

I smile and laugh, as I embrace every challenge,

I know this happy me was in there,

waiting to come out.

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Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

“I’ve tried to avoid all this, but I can’t”
“I just gotta know, are we gonna try to love each other?”
Batdance (1989) (from the “Batman” soundtrack)

The outpouring of love for Prince over the last few days has been deep, wide, and intense. It was more than his music that people loved – it was his purple self that resonated all over the world. Sexually androgenous as well as culturally androgenous, he redefined the boundaries between id and culture to create a new identity that was uniquely his own.

His otherworldly presence also provide an example for a new approach to life that may yet help us all navigate a changing world. Like Prince, we can make it all in our own image, born in love and creativity, together.

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