The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)


Sunday 5th June

Just thinking of you
That’s not really new
Just wanted to say
In my own little way
Just love you so much
And missing your touch
Just sparkle so bright
Up in the sky tonight
Just to let me know
So I see your star glow

Precious Angel son





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How Politics Disempowers The Individual


Zy Marquiez
June 5, 2016

“When I hear a person talking about political solutions, I know I am not listening to a serious person.”
– George Carlin

Let us explore why politics could disempower the individual.

One of the main ways politics sifts creative potential from individuals is by making it seem like solutions can only come via the establishment.  This is a classic “Don’t worry, you can trust authority/the government” type of situation.  Except, the government almost never take care of anything notable, and almost always continue towing the party line.

For starters, politics, on paper, is a decent idea.

This is because the idea that a politician [a person that is not infallible, mind you] can, and will, do what’s best for ‘the people’ resonates with many folks.  How could it not? It offers hope and people cling to hope.

Regardless of what political party comes from…

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Take A Break!


It’s middle of the year, you have accumulated at last first half-year of leave. I have come up with 3 very valid reasons (not excuses) for you to take your leave without feeling guilty. Alternatively, you can show this article to your superior when he or she rejects your leave!

heart-772634_6401. The Heart
Do you have the passion in what you do at work? I have encountered people who are good at their job but unable to move up in their skills for the lack of passion. Quoting one of my friends who is a teacher in college “After seven years of teaching youth, I realized that I have shrunk in my ability to think further than my next paycheck. Almost everyday, I dragged myself to work and stared in front of my mirror, asking myself why am I doing this?”

You may have the excitement when starting out a…

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Miss Back In The Day USA (An AmericaOnCoffee Blog)


Charlie the Tuna

is the cartoon mascot and spokes-tuna for the StarKist brand. He was created by Tom Rogers[1] of the Leo Burnett Agency after StarKist hired Leo Burnett in 1961. StarKist Tuna is the name of a brand of tuna currently owned by Dongwon Industries, a South Korea-based conglomerate.[2] StarKist itself is based in Pittsburgh, the home of its former parent company, H. J. Heinz Company, sharing its headquarters on the site of Three Rivers Stadium with another former parent company, Del Monte Foods’ Pittsburgh headquarters.

As reported in news stories about Rogers, Charlie the Tuna was based on Rogers’ friend, the actor-songwriter Henry Nemo. B-movie actress Maila Nurmi claims that the character was originally sketched six years earlier by the actor James Dean while she was sitting with him one night in Googie’s coffee shop in Los Angeles. However, StarKist and Burnett both give full credit to…

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Amtrak turned 45 last month. Here’s an opinion why American passenger trains are so bad.


Amtrak turns 45 today, leaving many people wondering how is it that a rich and powerful country that was a pioneer in railroad adoption in the 19th century has such terrible passenger trains today.

The United States is a big country, with lots of trains in it. So you can really think of this big generic question as composed of three separate questions with separate answers. One question, of urgent interest to media and political elites in New York and Washington, is why Northeast Corridor passenger rail service is so much slower than the first-rate systems found in France, Spain, China, and Japan. The second question, which will have bedeviled anyone who’s ever been a tourist in Europe, is why passenger rail outside of the Northeast Corridor is so unimaginably awful. Last but by no means least, there’s the question of why the richest and most powerful empire the world…

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