Five Things I Learned By Studying Men (That The Women In My Life Admired)

The Lonely Author

When I was a kid my mother told me to study people.  You can learn so much by watching the habits of a winner.  Learn from the mistakes of losers so you don’t make them yourself.

I took this a step further.  I have always paid attention to the men the women in my life admired.


5 – My mother admired Joe Namath. She wasn’t a football fan, but she admired the way Namath guaranteed the New York Jets would win the Super Bowl III and how he backed it up. She always told me a real man kept his word. Men need to be trusted and keeping your word is the best way to earn trust.


4 – My BFF loves a man who can make her laugh. I believe no man should take himself TOO seriously. The ability to make light of oneself is important. Easing the tension in stressful…

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January 1944 (1)

Pacific Paratrooper

The New Year in the Pacific started off with a bang! Literally.

New Britain New Britain

1 January – US aircraft from the USS Monterey and Bunker Hill attacked Kavieng, New Ireland and destroyed 7 enemy planes.  RAdm. Sherman’s carrier task force bombed a Japanese convoy of transports and several cruisers in those waters.  Fifteen B-24 bombers escorted by 68 fighters hit Rabaul, New Britain.

After a strike on Rabaul. After a strike on Rabaul.

In other areas, the USS Finback sank and enemy tanker in the East China Sea, hitting her with 5 of the 6 torpedoes fired.  The USS Puffer sank the freighter  Ryuyo Maru and damaged another ship south of the Philippine islands.  The USS Ray sank the converted gunboat IJN Okuyo Maru in the mouth of Ambon Bay, Java.

until-the-arrival-of-dedicated-units-like-the-us-army-air-corps-burma-bridge-busters-low-level-attacks-on-japanese-supply-lines-were-carried-out-by-royal- (800x600)

The 10th Air Force in Burma attacked a bridge on the Mu River.  Major Robert Erdin, in the lead B-25, pulled up to…

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