Number 4012 Union Pacific, Scranton, Pennsylvania

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4012  Union  Pacific  Steamtown  USA  Scranton  PennsylvaniaThis  is  the  Number  4012  steam  locomotive  from  the  Union  Pacific  on  display  at  the  Steamtown  National  Historic  Site  in  Scranton,  Pennsylvania.

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Spilling Ink

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Spilling Ink

On this night we spill some ink

A night where we hear great minds think

It is here where we hear that missing link

And not get stuck with the kitchen sink


It is that one and only John Dutton

His stories will really burst your button

All his stories are free of gluten

Without him, there would be nuttin’


Then we have Dan Verner

His stories are a page turner

He has more excitement than a butter churner

And will make you into a quick learner


We welcome Robert Scott

When he’s with a woman, she’s so hot

His poems really knock over the pot

He gives you an evening that will never rot


Gail Williams, her name is Gail

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Y is for YoUniverse: Day-25

Words dipped in Happiness

From your point of view, You are the center of this universe.
Everything in this world revolve around you in a full circle.

Your state of mind, consciousness and peace stays in control
depending upon the way you maintain your spiritual energies.

Your body is Yang and everything that exists outside is Yin.
Both are connected by a mysterious force which keeps them intact.

There is a flow of food, information and air through this cycle,
1 seed of change is in heart of Yang & other is in way you perceive yin.

The 7 life chakras of yours contribute the flow of energies and happiness.
Strengthen these chakras and save your universe from being unstable.

Only your thoughts attract things in life, so always keep them positive.
There is only one rhythm that runs life, that’s why we call it Uni-verse.

You are one of the ripple flowing with life,

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