IMAX: Bigger, Better and Louder!



The entry of IMAX technology made a huge difference in the film industry. This section will include the history, specifications, facts and how it defines the new age of film making.

In 1976, IMAX Systems started in Montreal, Canada where it was primarily used to film documentaries in sea and in space. Since it’s inception, IMAX has so much marketing and income potential with perceptive clients and innovative breakthroughs.

IMAX’s capacity for the projection technology is outstanding combining with a 15/70 film frame (it is 10 times larger than a 35 mm conventional frame and 3 times larger than a  standard 7mm frame) and with IMAX projectors, it gives the sharpest and crisp clear audio and visual experience for the viewers.

Here is how it works, using a standard film, it is only limited to a certain space and coverage of projected and captured scenario and it corresponds also…

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