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What does it mean to date online? What is love where does it come from what is the point of it all how do I know that I am getting what I want, how do I know that the sun will shine brightly in my direction.

I was thinking today about listing a few things that mattered to me and I could not think of many, as this was because I had not established myself as a person in this crazy big world. Anyway, I feel the roots the music and the words in my mind. Goodnight.

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8 Things Exceptional Employees Hate (and Toxic Employees Love to Do)


The very worst employees don’t actually cause the biggest problems. Whether totally incompetent or unbelievably lazy, they’re easy to spot — so, although it’s never fun to fire anyone, at least you know there’s a problem and you can let that person go.

The biggest problems are caused by employees who appear to be doing a decent job but who in fact are slowly ruining the morale, attitude, and performance of other employees — and in the process, ruining your business as well.

What do they do?

1. They love to have the meeting after the meeting.

You have a meeting. Issues are raised. Concerns are shared. Decisions are made. Everyone in attendance fully support those decisions. Things are going to happen.

Then someone holds the “meeting after the meeting.” Now she talks about issues she didn’t share in the actual meeting. Now he disagrees with the decisions made in the actual meeting.

And sometimes those people even…

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Gov. Cuomo, New York legislators implement measures to improve rail safety


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and several top state legislators yesterday announced they reached an agreement on legislation designed to improve rail safety. The agreement includes a series of initiatives aimed at reducing the risk of train-motor vehicle collisions at grade crossings across the state.

The initiatives will require coordinated, frequent inspections of traffic-control devices at crossings, and impose penalties on railroads and repeat offender motorists who continue to disobey the law and ignore safety requirements, state officials said in a press release.

The legislation requires every railroad, municipality or state agency with jurisdiction of a highway that includes a crossing to conduct, at a minimum, biennial inspections of traffic-control devices. The law authorizes the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) to establish, implement and exercise oversight over a program to coordinate the joint inspection of traffic-control signals interconnected with crossing warning systems.

The legislation also requires railroads to…

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X is for X-the unknown quantity: Day-24

Words dipped in Happiness

Any good Maths has done to me is that it taught me to assume any unknown quantity to me as ‘X’. And then, just work on it to find its value by any possible means and fitting it in known equations.

Maths is my favorite subject (after Science). Though I never believed that the equations, the transforms, the derivatives and obviously the calculus will be useful in real life. But they have taught us the basic principle of life. Even though if something is unknown to us, we have to assume it as a known quantity and work with it. Because there are always some known quantities related  to that unknown quantity. We can find the unknown quantities by just equating these known and unknown quantities. Don’t get bored, Maths is not that boring. It is interesting when you start playing with numbers. Equating here refers to equating your confidence…

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