Dear Amazing Followers: Surrounded by Piles of Notes & Living the Dream

Just Turn Left

It’s been a month since I last posted anything but hey, I still have exactly the same number of followers as back then. Absolutely no one has unfollowed me. Fantastic!

Truth be told I’ve been story-boarding a series of fictional books that have been in my mind since 2004; my ultimate goal in life. It’s all I’ve been doing; sleeping surrounded by notes and rough drafts; going for long walks to get things into perspective; in a continual state of existence every moment of the day while my subconscious works away unravelling problems and searing for solutions. It’s amazing seeing it coming to life after all this time, especially my characters.

I reckon another few weeks and it’ll be business as per usual on WP and planning for the next trip across China. The thing is with WP is it takes me a week of focus and directed energy to…

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