How Far The Republican Party Has Fallen

Living Simply And Still On The Grid

Let’s try to apply a little historical perspective to the 2016 election.

When Nelson Rockefeller, governor of New York, ran for the Republican nomination in 1964, his divorce and remarriage were considered to be disqualifying, in the eyes of many voters, especially Republican women.

Today, the presumptive Republican nominee for the highest office in the land is . . . Donald Trump? How many times has he been divorced? I forget. It doesn’t matter.

How America has changed in half a century! We were an intolerant society with overly rigid standards. We’ve become a society with no standards at all. We tolerate anything.

For Donald Trump, the charismatic chameleon, no standards apply. Nothing is too crude or too reckless. There are no limits to what the crowds will cheer for.

I wonder, what would President Eisenhower think of Donald Trump as commander-in-chief?

— John Hayden

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Ontario to expand GO rail service in Durham region


GO Transit is expanding its Lakeshore East rail corridor to offer new service from Oshawa to Bowmanville in the Durham region of Ontario, government officials announced Monday.

Extending the GO Transit rail network by 12.4 miles and building four new stations will offer the region more transit options, as well as drive economic and job growth, according to a press release issued by Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Metrolinx and Canadian Pacific officials are working on infrastructure and service planning for the extension, a portion of which will use CP’s existing corridor north of Highway 401.

GO trains on the Lakeshore East corridor currently go as far as Oshawa. The new extension service is expected to begin in 2023 or 2024.

The new stations will be located at Thornton Road in Oshawa, Ritson Road in Oshawa, Courtice Road in Courtice and Martin Road in Bowmanville.

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The Brightest Star (100 Word Story)

The Lonely Author


The Brightest Star

Derek walked up to the bar, desperate to drown his loneliness. “Beer please. Any beer will do.”

The bartender returned with a bottle of Blue Moon.

Derek groaned. Of all the beers in the pub, this is what the bartender served an astronomer. Obviously, he wasn’t permitted to forget his work tonight.

Looking across the room, he smiled.

She sat alone at the end of the bar; radiating beauty, attracting him with her personal gravity from light years away.

He didn’t need a telescope to know the truth.

She was the brightest star in the universe of a crowded room.

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French Labor Unrest On Thursday June 23???


The French government and unions planning another demonstration against labor reforms were at loggerheads on Tuesday over how to address security fears following the violence that marred a protest last week. The unions are demanding permission to march in Paris on Thursday, but the Socialist government — which has mooted the idea of banning protests while the Euro football tournament is under way in France — insists that a stationary rally would be easier to control. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a letter to the head of the largest union, the CGT, on Monday that the June 14 unrest “for the first time clearly proved the role of some union activists in deliberate aggression against security forces.”

“Back in the Day” in US Local 301 of the AFL/CIO would close the giant manufacturing plant of the General Electric Company in Schenectady NY and not ask the President, Congress, New…

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Motherhood: A Sacrificial Choice

Real Bold Truth


“Motherhood is an instinct, YES, But it is also a practice; It CAN be learned.” Alice Walker
I think Motherhood is the hardest job in the world now that I am one! It is a selfless act that requires one to deny, derail, and temporarily delay your own wants, desires and sometimes even your needs for the well-being of another….

Many women embrace and stay dedicated to this awesome challenge when their maternal instincts kick in. Life is now about that child who becomes a priority over self. We are now commissioned and predestined to mold and shape the very existence of another human being. To think about it in these terms, it is an overwhelming, often times scary and delicate process. Most figure it out and make the necessary adjustments so that their children can thrive. Others don’t fair so well leaving countless lives forever shattered.

Motherhood can be…

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