All the way from FLORIDA TO CALIFORNIA — the longest move of any Circus in history


June 25 – July 1 BLUE UNIT Train-Run from Ellenton, Florida to Fresno, California (7 days). THIS WILL BE THE LONGEST SINGLE MOVE OF ANY CIRCUS IN HISTORY. Time-frame calls for the load-out to begin early on Friday, June 24. The flats are to move from Ellenton to join the coaches between Ellenton and Tampa, then they are to move out as a “Unit Train” (Circus Train) upon putting those two sections together. Since posting this thread on Thursday, June 23, the “chosen” route has been confirmed by someone with the internet moniker “rrw” and also from a host of BNSF personnel who were scratching their collective heads over yesterday’s conundrum over the possible route choices west of New Orleans (UP or BNSF): After going west out of Florida on CSXT to New Orleans, BNSF will take over from there, and all the way to destination: through Houston-Temple-Sweetwater-Clovis-Belen-Winslow-Needles-Barstow-Bakersfield-Fresno, with a…

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The flightpath of an aimless gossamer was drifting in a weakening afternoon breeze that tickled noses and made just about everyone rub their eyes amidst the dusty setting sunshine.
As one bid adieu to a newly discovered bourbon still, flighty fluffy somethings from an alcohol-driven yesterday continued to float into an airy ballroom we call today.
(Photo: Michael Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

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