1114 Seaboard, Hamlet, North Carolina

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1114  Seaboard  Locomotive  Hamlet  North  CarolinaThis  is  the  1114  Seaboard  locomotive  on  display  in  Hamlet,  North  Carolina.  The  Seaboard  was  home  based  in  Hamlet  before  CSX  came  in.

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Are We Seeing A Juggernaut Of Change

The Arts Mechanical

Obama was all about “Hope and Change.”  He was also all about serving himself, along with the rest of the Administration, including the current Democrat candidate.  The American people need real change and strangely enough, Trump seems to be delivering it.  Here’s his speech.

Salon is worried.


They should be. The Democrats haven’t been able to do anything but drag the country down.  The economy has been moribund for eight years and is teetering toward collapse.  The inner cities are turning into war zones again.  And people are asking themselves if they have to relive the 1970’s or worse.

COLD ANGER – Entire Institutional Systems Will Be Dispatched Like a Feather In a Hurricane…

Here’s what it’s like going to a Trump rally. At least when the Democrat fascist troops are contained.


It seems that the Dems are getting vicious,

Scott Adams seems to think…

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The Renegade Press

He looks just like me. It’s as if we are the same. But we’re different. We are two men walking underneath a sky so polluted with halogen that there are no more stars to guide us. Our feet pound at the concrete; our hands are jammed deep into pockets and our shoulders are hunched to avoid the rain that’s already soaking through our coats. We pass so close that our shoulders almost touch. I take a sideways glance and scowl, but he smiles a smile so pure that it cuts like glass through the chambers of my soul.

We’re wearing the same coat, the same pants, and have matching rain soaked shoes. But where my brow is furrowed so deep that rain water runs through channels and leaks down my face; he grins like a Cheshire from ear to ear. It’s as though this stranger is completely oblivious to the…

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