what I am grateful for today


  1. that I am getting things done that I had put of for a while
  2. that I can go for a bike ride in the sun
  3. that I am chatting and making friends with all the pretty faces in interesting life stages.

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[Book Review] – The Art Of Overcoming The New World Order by Dr. Bernie Suarez


Zy Marquiez
June 28, 2016

There are countless inquiring individuals in the alternative research community that put out good work.  Then there are those who put out great work.  Dr. Suarez is the latter.

What sets former Marine Suarez apart from the rest?  The fact that he not only gives accurate, thought-provoking information that all individuals should know, but that he does so in a clear, concise, and no-BS manner.

Because of that, after ordering this book, a solid piece of work was expected from Dr. Suarez, and he certainly did not disappoint.

The Art Of Overcoming The New World Order is a comprehensive look into the many ways individuals can harpoon those that wish to control the populace at every turn.

The collection of essays within this particular book have much information one can glean from them.  Not only does the author offer a few options for individuals…

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