Summer Camp for Adults? Cash on In!

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FullSizeRenderSummer is here and a few years back I read about Adult Summer Camps. I didn’t pay much attention to the Adult Summer Camp craze because I was too busy being, you know, a parent. Besides, I’ve done my fair share of camping, backpacking, and attending summer camps as a young Boy Scout and also as a Boy Scout troop leader. Oh, and don’t forget my trips to various Girl Scout camps with my daughter as well. So you can imagine, I’m not too interested in sleeping a musty old cabin eating bad food at the dining hall as an adult because we now have an Adult Summer Camp opportunities abound.

So, you see,the idea of Adult Summer Camp doesn’t really appeal to me. However, I can see that it is a great idea because it already exists and someone is making some money. However, I believed these “summer camps”…

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