Spring Poem – The Miracle Challenge

This poem is for the Miracle Girl and her current WordPress challenge. Visit her blog to read the rules and write your own story or poem from several prompts.


Two Words: butterflies and key

When Spring was juvenile and girlish

polishing her silver key of perfection

brushing her mermaid hair

gathering and coddling

first blooms and baby birds,

she danced barefoot on the verdant grass.

She guided butterflies

as they wove their monarch story

through leaves and vines

and towering houses of the finest flowers.

Then the Big Heat boldly arrived

in a burnished chariot

pulled by snorting steeds

in passionate madness

in total delirium.

Spring was overcome

weakening under his gaze

growing old and frail

under such intense scrutiny.

She tied up her now wispy mermaid hair

and left.

The Big Heat

scornfully overtook the land

driving the inhabitants

indoors to breathe the fragrant blooms

of captive flowers…

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