Glorious August

Windows into History

Dedham ValeSnippets 86. A Country Book: for the field, the forest, and the fireside by William Howitt was published in 1859. This charming book contains one chapter per month, each focussing on country life at the relevant time of the year. For this snippet let’s look at Howitt’s thoughts on the month of August. He clearly had a low opinion of lawyers and politicians, which is far from being a modern phenomenon!

There is no month more glorious than August. It has a serene splendour and maturity about it that are delightful. The soil is dry, the sky is bright and beautiful, witb scattered and silvery clouds. The foliage is full and luxuriant; the hayfields, mown in June and July, are now full of the richest grass, and cattle wander through them in finest condition, or lie in groups worthy of a painter’s hand. There is a sort of second…

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50 Word Story: In the Distance

Poet Rummager

Photograph by Francis


I saw it there in the distance. A streak of luminescence in an otherwise dismal world. I hungered for it; staring unblinking. It moved closer – that brilliant glow. Holding out my hand, I touched the edge of his collar. It was then I realized, the light came from his soul.

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Thoreau for your Thursday…

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It is dry, hazy June weather.We are more of the earth,farther from heaven these days. We live in a grosser element.We are getting deeper into the mists of earth.even the birds sing with less vigor and vivacity.The season of hope and promise is past; already the season of small fruits has arrived…The prospect of the heavens is taken way, and we are presented only with a few small berries.June 17,1854.


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