By the Mighty Mumford

Mornings he can treasure,

Be happy beyond all measure…

Her pleasant face

Makes his heart race,

Married to the ultimate pleasure!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Illustration courtesy  of:  https//thefeettemple.wordpress.com/…June 26, 2016th post entitled “GOOD MORNING!!”  ).

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Cincinnati Streetcar gears up for pre-revenue service


The Cincinnati Streetcar will begin pre-revenue service on Aug. 7, marking the next step in preparing the streetcar for public use.

During the pre-revenue period, the streetcar operating and maintenance team can work out problems that arise and correct them before passenger service begins Sept. 9, Cincinnati Streetcar officials said in a press release.

In addition, all “behind-the-scenes” operations such as dispatching and supervision will be fully functioning.

The 3.6-mile Cincinnati Streetcar route has 18 stops throughout the city’s downtown area. CAF USA built the vehicles for the line.

The Cincinnati Streetcar is owned and funded by the city, managed by the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority and operated by Transdev.

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5.It’s lunch time. I fancy something sweet and chocolatey. So head to boots … Maltesers are calling me.

Minding my own business, watching people going about their day, tutting at people stopping mid pavement , when suddenly I’m on the floor and my handbag has flown (what seems like miles) away from me… Oh yea. The dreaded has happened… The worst thing that could happen to an awkward Brit had happened…
I have fallen over a pothole!
What do I do? Do I play dead and hope no one noticed? Do I jump up and brush it off? Do I cry? Do I laugh?
The next thing I know, I have 3 (yes 3!) people helping me off the floor. They obviously felt I needed to get out of the middle of the road. A lady is handing me my handbag and umbrella and the gentleman picking me up off…

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