Bored to the Bone

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All fulfilling work requires creativity.

I define creativity as the lateral thinking needed to solve a never-before-seen obstacle.

But sometimes it’s tough to be creative. What do you do when the Muse doesn’t show up?

My solution is to let myself become bored. Boredom is a gift to all creative minds.


External calm leads to boredom, which incites internal stimulation, which leads to creativity. It almost seems that boredom is NECESSARY to be creative!


I see two types of boredom. The first type occurs occasionally when I’m with a group of people, especially if I’m not particularly fond of present company. One minute I feel talkative and engaged, and then suddenly I “power down” and become surly and uninterested. I just want to leave. This type of boredom is anti-productive. The second kind of boredom is the useful kind. It descends upon…

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