Book Review: Invisible Influence by Kevin Hogan


An In-Depth Look At The Persuasive Influence Which Can Be Cast Upon Others

Zy Marquiez
August 17, 2016

In plainspeak, this book regards social engineering, which is a tool that individuals may employ to influence others to take specific actions.  Admittedly, these actions could be positive or negative depending on the intent of the social engineer.

Kevin Hogan has only become recently known to me.  However, with his execution of this particular book he’s certainly earned my respect.

Invisible Influence is a very pragmatic and easy to follow book that allows people to see how they can socially engineer actions within other individuals.

The book is essentially split into two parts.   The first part, which predictably sets the stage for the second part, wasn’t as useful for me personally.  It’s not that the information was not  practical, or noteworthy.  It’s just that for me personally, would have appreciated more…

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