An Oldie, but a Goodie

Ann's Corner

I was visiting down in our building lobby today. We have coffee/snack times (by donation) there every weekday except Sunday. It’s a nice time to go sit and get to know the neighbours.

Today, Larry was down there with the group, and Wendy said “Ann, I was just about to text you. Larry has brought his little accordion to show you”. So, I sat down and opened up the little case (about the size of an old typewriter case) and there was this old German Hohner 10 button accordion!

Wow…….! It has these 10 buttons on the right side instead of a keyboard (which is what I am used to using) and 4 chord buttons on the left side. I played around with it and everyone was surprised at the sounds coming out. I could not figure out what notes the right hand buttons represented and was puzzled that the…

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