By the Mighty Mumford

He went to stay in mountains,

Viewing cataracts and fountains…

He went to North Creek

Motive power to seek,

And to see turntable mountings!

Not a train was running that day,

But took pictures of the display…

Where engines were

When traffic stirred,

And trains got underway.

His collection at home,

He’ll run and not store alone…

His modeled switching

Railroad  keeps his twitching,

Alive to ensure things are done.

–Jonathan Caswell

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A ship that never sinks

Words dipped in Happiness

Our faith is a ship that never sinks, still sometimes we lose our faith because there is not enough water beneath this ship to move forward.

It comes a time in every one’s life where we all face a situation in which we tend to lose faith because of our conditions. Does it mean that the ship of our faith is sinking! I think no. Because the ship of faith never sinks, it always knows how to swim in the times of good and float in the times of bad. The reason we tend to lose faith is because we don’t keep enough water in our rivers to move forward. Having said that, I mean, water is to ‘Inspiration’ and rivers is to ‘life’. It means that we don’t have enough inspiration in our life for our ship of faith to travel to our destiny. Inspiration is the medium of…

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Serial (100 Words)

The Lonely Author


Serial  (100 Words)

Detective Jake Monroe examined the bloody crime scene. All the expected signs were there; the slashed throat, the look of terror in her eyes, and missing shoes.

The Riverside Killer struck again.

“Number five is a blonde?”

He turned to look at his partner Max who entered the hotel room.

“Do we know her name?”

“Let me see,” Jake scooped up her purse to search for her ID.

“You must be relieved.”

Jake sighed. “Was that necessary?”

Max shrugged. “Hey, at least this time there’s no evidence tying her to you.”

Opening her purse, Jake found a photo of himself.

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Happy Birthday National Parks

Grumpy Railroad

Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks Service.  I have always been a fan of Yosemite and the Sierra Mountains in general.   Last couple of years my wife and I have been watching Ken Burns National Parks, originally broadcast on PBS,  but then brought back on Netflix.   Since it is no longer on Netflix,  I purchased the series on iTunes so we can watch it anytime.   We love Our National Parks.

This year I bought an annual park pass which will allow me to get into any of them.   I have completely taken advantage of that since my purchase in April.  I have been to Yosemite twice, and both Kings Canyon And Sequoia three times and I’m only 4 months into having the pass.    In October we are heading to Pinnacles National Park.  We hope to visit as many as possible over the coming years!  🙂

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