Working Willie for Labor Day 2016

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Hello Everyone.  I am Working Willie.  I am called Working Willie because my name is Willie, and I work.  I am not like Lazy Bum Billy who never works.  Because I work, I am honored on Labor, a day set aside for those who work.  If you do work, honor yourself on this day.  If you are a lazy bum like Lazy Bum Billy, get to work.  For those who must work on this Labor Day, we honor your sacrifice so that others can live their lives.  For you teachers, truck drivers, policemen, firemen, soldiers, sailors, warehouse workers, engineers, bus drivers, film and entertainment workers, waiters and waitresses, secretaries, and all you who give your lives to volunteer work and all of you I have not mentioned, be honored on Labor Day.  I am Working Willie.  Have a Happy Labor Day.

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***Fierce Female Link: Fatness, Femininity and the Media We Deserve

Micki Allen

“As I saw more beauty in others’ uniqueness, I began to appreciate my own.”

   ~Sarah Winifred Searle

I’m so pleased to have been recommended to this wonderful woman by my talented friend Kat. Check out Sarah Winifred Searle’s pithy comic titled Fatness, Femininity, and the Media We Deserve.

Capture “It did weird things to my subconscious to grow up fat…”

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