Giving Away a Whole Organic Apple ILLEGAL without permit?


Source: GrowingYourGreens
September 13, 2016

John from shares with you the story of how farmers were getting fined up to $750 for giving away organic apples and sealed packs of seeds for gardening.

In this episode Josh and John are back with the story of how some vendors 2016 National Heirloom Expo were harassed and unfairly treated.

In this episode, you will learn what happened at this years Heirloom Expo that caused an uproar and what you can do about it.

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Haddon Musings


                        Revealing the beauty and truth of life through the eyes of our elders.

Welcome back to the Senior Salon. I am so excited about the huge amount of talent that has come together to share their artistic vision. It is my pleasure to invite you once again to link your blog to mine today and reveal your artistic creations in any field: fiction writing, nonfiction, poetry, photography, painting, pottery, cooking.

We have had many new bloggers join our Salon.  Please pick out some new blogs to read and introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.  If you post early in the day, consider coming back later or the next day to read more posts.

After linking to this blog, in the true spirit of a salon, please take the time to read someone else’s blog and comment and…

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Exciting news!

Spread love not hate

Hello my beautiful friends,

I know my blog has been really quiet the last two month. With the world that’s kind off falling apart, I genuinely miss putting my feelings in words. But  I have an exciting news as a reason that diverted my mind . As I needed to take time off social media in order to focus more on planning my… “big fat Indian wedding!” – 11 June 2017.

My first pit stop will be a trip to India to shop for my traditional engagement ! And I would be flying off in couple of weeks to the land of silks and goodness. I hope to post up some good writings once i get the reins in my hands.

“See with the eyes of love and a thing becomes beautiful. See with the eyes of hate and things are ugly.”
Joy Cowley, Starbright and the Dream Eater


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