Hello Fellow Wanderers

Victim Of The Travel Bug

Hello Fellow Wanderers

For as long as I can remember I have never liked staying in one place. New adventures and places have always been a high priority on my list of life. But it’s not just the “touristy stuff” that gets my attention, It’s the offbeat places, the places where you see something unexpected, or the people you meet that, if you hadn’t stopped there you would have never known existed. This is my love- next to my son. After my son was born, I slowed down for a while to focus on being a mother, but over the years I have taken him all over with me on adventures and he has developed my travel bug as well! Now, I travel as much as possible. Sometimes with him and sometimes without.We take day trips to new places as often as possible to find new things to get into…

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Reaper’s Moon

Myths of the Mirror

reaper's moon

In my fantasy world, the Reaper’s Moon signals the arrival of autumn. The heat of summer blows west with curling seawinds, and morning fog rolls on the inland sea like living smoke. On shore, milkweed bursts with silken wings and thistles shed their white beards. The land is softened by fields of grain in hues of copper and carnelian, apples bow the branches, and winter’s wood is stacked.

The Reaper’s Moon is a time of harvest, ripening roots, and gardens of green bolting with seeds. It’s the promise of neighbors and picnics, percussion and strings, the close of summer visible in calloused hands and sun-browned shoulders, wool evenings and fresh baked pie.

The full Reaper’s Moon glides across the night sky on September 16.

reaper's moon 3

Excerpt from Eye of Fire, the Dragon Soul Quartet

The noise of revelers faded as the sounds of the sea sang in the night. His head thick…

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The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Sunday 31st July

I think of my boys

Night and day.

One is with me

One is in heaven.

So, I live in two places

Here, and where you are.

I love you both

With all my heart.

Moon and back

And all the world.


July 1990 (twenty six years ago). Waiting outside Jumbo floating restaurant, Hong Kong, (you, me and your brother)

The harbour this afternoon

Sammy seal

Looking for fish in the harbour

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