Hello everyone and welcome to my blog once again. Not blogged for two days now, I would say the cause is just laziness 😁 Today I will be featuring a brown and gold outfit with my most important accessory being the scarf.

imageProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetI rocked this outfit to church some Sundays back but never got to take pictures with them. So I dressed up and asked my brother to take some pictures of me for the blog.


The scarf trend is definitely coming back in style. I rocked a brown croptop, a brown belt, a brown skirt, with my scarf of many colours and then added my gold details to make up the outfit.


Would you rock this outfit?? If yes to Where?? And what occasion would you be rocking it for??. Don’t forget to leave your comments and a happy new month to you all😘😘 may September be way better…

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Selfies kill…..Dagnys Desk..PLSREAD

Balanced Exchanges

Originally posted on Dagny’s Desk: I came across this strange statistic, I’m not sure why it is resonating with me. Anyway, it seems more tourists die taking selfies than are killed by shark attacks. Two travelers reportedly died in different instances in Peru recently while standing too close to the cliff ledge when posing…

via More tourists die taking selfies than are killed by sharks — PenneyVanderbilt

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Anything Need To Punch?

The Inspiration Shots

iPhoneOgraphy – 20 Sep 2016 (Day 264/366)

A hole punch (also known as a hole puncher) is a common office tool that is used to create holes in sheets of paper, often for the purpose of collecting the sheets in a binder or folder. A leather punch, of different construction from one designed for paper, is used for leather goods, cloth, or thin plastic sheeting. Hole punch tools are also made for use on sheet metal, such as aluminum siding or metal air ducts.

A typical hole punch, whether a single or multiple hole punch, has a long lever which is used to push a bladed cylinder straight through a number of sheets of paper. As the vertical travel distance of the cylinder is only a few millimeters, it can be positioned within a centimeter of the lever fulcrum. For low volume hole punches, the resulting lever need not be…

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Whatever Happened to the Sweet & Happy Heroine?

Micki Allen

I just spent the afternoon watching episodes of the 1970s television series Wonder Woman, starring the radiant Lynda Carter. What an adorable heroine she was. She was a sweet, but sober, visitor to America, whose naiveté made her all the more charming. I noticed that she smiled and laughed. A lot. She was cheerful and happy. It was a joy to watch.

There’s no doubt that 70s camp played its part in the filming of Wonder Woman, but the fact that the actresses didn’t take themselves too seriously made it magical. They were in on the joke. They were having fun, and it was fun to watch.

cloris-and-fannie-2 Cloris Leachman (Queen Hippolyta) and Fannie Flagg (Amazon Doctor)

ww4 Lyle Waggoner looking serious and rugged from a hospital bed.

they-steal-money-and-i-have-to-fill-out-forms-what-a-country-this-is “They steal money and I have to fill out forms? What a country this is!”

ww3 Where did she park her plane?

In today’s stories our female heroes…

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Kevin Brown Poetry

​We are tourists in this strange land -

Down old worn cobble streets,

We are guided by a strange hand,

Not led on by our feet.
We are tourists in this strange land,

With our heads lost, stuck in maps,

We are guided by a strange hand,

Through our lows and our mishaps.
We are tourist in this strange land,

So lost, so out of place,

We are guided by a strange hand,

That brought us face to face.
We are tourists in this strange land,

In a city wild, unknown,

But we’re guided by a strange hand,

You and I are not alone.

Kevin Brown © 18.09.2016

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A Notebook Book

Matthew Midgley Illustration

I’ve enjoyed planning out one or two projects using notebooks and thought it would be quite fun to try to design a notebook that I can use to project plan.

Now I prefer to use A5 notebooks that i can carry around in my bag and I also prefer to have all the pages numbered, so that I can refer to a specific page for a specific element of the project. So, I knew I wanted at least those elements present.

But my approach has been a little topsy-turvy; rather than simply designing a notebook cover and then selecting a style of line for the interior pages, I instead opted for a fish-mash of different paper styles for the interior pages.

So each left-hand page is roughly blank, or at least doesn’t really have lined paper, and the right-hand pages have a selection of different lined papers. But the whole…

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My Diary: Finding A Temporal Portal In The Cupboard Under The Stairs

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I opened the sachet and climbed out‭ (‬checking my Best Before Date as I did so‭)‬,‭ ‬June was still downstairs surrounded by a fence of knitting as she prepared her walking about lunch.‭ ‬We came together and then parted again‭ (‬like dentures in a bedside cup‭); ‬I went out advertising a bed and breakfast vacancy in my back pocket while she went up the road cutting the day into almost identical lengths‭ ‬-‭ ‬there was one short piece left,‭ ‬which as usual I eventually got‭! ‬Fast forward and the dog patrolled the dark side of the moon and I sat in the sun unravelling my ideas and then getting them entangled again‭; ‬we went indoors when June came home in the mouth of a pelican and straight away wrote something in her address book that can only be read by people with Seville oranges for eyes.

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