My Diary: Finding A Temporal Portal In The Cupboard Under The Stairs

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I opened the sachet and climbed out‭ (‬checking my Best Before Date as I did so‭)‬,‭ ‬June was still downstairs surrounded by a fence of knitting as she prepared her walking about lunch.‭ ‬We came together and then parted again‭ (‬like dentures in a bedside cup‭); ‬I went out advertising a bed and breakfast vacancy in my back pocket while she went up the road cutting the day into almost identical lengths‭ ‬-‭ ‬there was one short piece left,‭ ‬which as usual I eventually got‭! ‬Fast forward and the dog patrolled the dark side of the moon and I sat in the sun unravelling my ideas and then getting them entangled again‭; ‬we went indoors when June came home in the mouth of a pelican and straight away wrote something in her address book that can only be read by people with Seville oranges for eyes.

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