My Diary: King Arthur And The Lawnmower Knight

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I got up inside an old fashioned camera and then exposed myself‭; ‬luckily no one was looking.‭ ‬I had a bath in a cup of tea while June showered in coffee‭; ‬this part of our relationship has never changed.‭ ‬I carefully smeared myself in brown sauce and laid on a bag of chips moments before June went out hand in hand with a petrol driven lawn mower.‭ ‬I followed later with the tentacles of a red giant starfish still attached to my Richard the Lionheart front.‭ ‬After a meal of a robot’s teeth in a concrete bap we both came home through the teddy bear swamp‭ (‬by the rocking horse bridge‭) ‬and I wrapped myself in the blanket of my studio‭; ‬the movement of my hands forming a smiling face in a time lapse photograph of an electric arc.‭

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