Sand Creek Junction, change of plan

By the Mighty Mumford

Seldom do my layouts turn out as envisaged. Sand Creek Junction was originally planned as a rural scene but the addition of a couple of extra sidings at the right hand end and extension of the team…

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Fifty Words Story: Gratitude

Poet Rummager

Photograph by Rich Finck. Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!


His stomach growled. Scurrying past a dead tree, he heard moaning. He peered into a large fissure and saw a beautiful hamadryad who reached for him. As their fingertips brushed, she collapsed, turning into a pile of acorns. Sadness gave way to gratitude as the starving squirrel stuffed his cheeks.

A hamadryad, according to Greek mythology, is a nymph that lives in the forest. Bonded to a certain tree, the hamadryad dies along with the tree.

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The Happy Book

“Simplicity is not something to be ashamed off but rather an achievement.”

With each passing day our life seems to be getting more and more complicated. Most of our complications in life come from wanting too many things in too little time. But there is no need to complicate your life. There are so many things you can do in a single day. You can only push yourself to a certain limit everyday. So Don’t Hurry. Do what you can and leave the rest for tomorrow.

Everything suffers when you do them in a hurry – your quality of work , your relationship , your inner peace . Everything.

There is a unique beauty in simplicity. you should enjoy what you have and be happy and satisfied with it.

There is nothing to be chased,no goals to be attained, no regrets to be met. Let your worries fade away…

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My Diary: A Story Told With Shadows

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

June spent the night on the floral patterned carpet while I stayed underneath‭; ‬we met again while pasted to the wall under a William Morris wallpaper‭ (‬to be honest I thought it was too intricate and was quite pleased when the council added double yellow lines even though we can no longer stand in front without getting a ticket‭)‬.‭ ‬I had to rush to town like a Casey Jones shopping trolley and then June and I went to the city we had previously likened to a medieval mouth:‭ ‬two strangers played rhythm and blues on its medieval tongue while I spied on all the figures below through its equally old eye‭ ‬-‭ ‬I was surprised to find that one of the figures was June herself,‭ ‬looking like she had been spread over a cobbled street and then burnished to a soft sheen.

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The Counting Frame

The Inspiration Shots

iPhoneOgraphy – 04 Aug 2016 (Day 217/366)

The abacus (plural abaci or abacuses), also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool that was in use in Europe, China and Russia, centuries before the adoption of the written Hindu-Arabic numeral system and is still used by merchants, traders and clerks in some parts of Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Africa. Today, abaci are often constructed as a bamboo frame with beads sliding on wires, but originally they were beans or stones moved in grooves in sand or on tablets of wood, stone, or metal.

The use of the word abacus dates before 1387 AD, when a Middle English work borrowed the word from Latin to describe a sandboard abacus. The Latin word came from Greek abax which means something without base, and improperly, any piece of rectangular board or plank. Alternatively, without reference to ancient texts on etymology, it has…

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