By the Mighty Mumford

Back from balmy Michigan,

The rain they lived in starts again…

From the limousine

They were rather keen,

To dry off before journey’s end!

The guard invited them in,

To dry off , have a break and leave then…

both glad to arrive

were ushered inside,

Their company’s building AGAIN.

He drove off in the rain,

She had a ride coming twain…

Sheltered inside

She saw her ride,

‘Twas pleasant invited out of the rain!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Flash Movie Review: Snowden


Go ahead call me paranoid, I have been called worse; but I try to do as little as possible any personal business on the internet. When I am forced to purchase an item online and the site asks me if I want to save my charge card information I always decline the offer. I am sure I mentioned this before but I do not have an ATM card; I have heard so many horror stories about people having their identity stolen that I do not need to have that easy of an access to my bank. This week the news reported a major hacking of a popular web site; what was it, up to 50 million people may have had their information stolen? I do not want to tempt fate but I have had 3 incidents where my credit card information was stolen. One of those times it was the…

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I Am

Kevin Brown Poetry

I am -

A late night poem;

A conflict of interests,

Jumbled on paper,

Telling untold tales,

To a half listening world -

I am;

A prodigy and a parody,

Who scribbles about a stranger,

Stranger still to himself.

Found by wiser men,

Who find value,

In Crumpled up pages,

Tossed and tattered,

Unfolded and read.

I am a sum of my possibilities,

A confession,

Of past sins and misdemeanours,

A bridegroom,

In an abandoned church.

Kevin Brown © 24.09.2016

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The Stripper (100 Words)

The Lonely Author


The Stripper  (100 Words)

The seductive stripper swayed onto the stage.

Her motions were as smooth as her glistening abdomen. Oscillating hips accentuated her beguiling figure.

Every graceful movement concealed her pain. Her sensual gyrations confirmed her loneliness.

Dancing to forget, she was poetry in motion.

She offered her nakedness to their lustful eyes.

Her sad eyes mirrored her dark and barren life.

Loud music reverberated in her heart like thunderbolts echoing in a cave. The songs failed to silence the cries inside her head.

The stripper communicated her passions through dance.

Unveiling her body to so many.

She revealed her soul to none.

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Creative Advice

Today is National Advice Day, I just made that up, but I could use some.  Book Trailers 101.  I’m speaking to you Indie writers and small publishing authors because I think you can feel my pain.  If you are one of those gifted people who work 60 hours a week, turn out voluminous novels at night, still manage to work out every day, skydive, gourmet cook on the weekends, and run two businesses on the side, then maybe I don’t need your advice because I already had a nervous breakdown.  I’m talking to the tortured poets, the angry short story writers, the vengeful cubicle dwellers.  Anyone who does their own promos.  If you have advice on programs (especially not those incredibly hard ones like Photoshop or Corel) or know of sites that have quality backgrounds and video clips in the public domain (free is always good :), then by all means…

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