A blurry, busy few weeks

Dearest Someone,

I’ve not written much lately; for the past few weeks has been dominated by work – it has been pretty intense in terms of stressful, but so much fun, and definitely worth it. As a result of all the workload I haven’t really had the energy to focus on my mental health. I’ve been so exhausted that all I’ve wanted to do is sleep, instead of paying attention to what’s going on in my mind. Focusing on emotions and dealing with low mood, lethargy and the constant wildness of my thoughts can be pretty draining, so in my continual tiredness I wasn’t really able to give much thought or attention to my well-being. (Despite sleep… I was able to give plenty of attention to sleeping). (Also… thank-you world for coffee).

coffee-first Coffee, First art by Henn Kim

Amidst the blur of work I was unable to get to my GP to get…

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