Classy Business Style on the First Day at Work



Hello Friends!!! Sorry for not been able to post recently, but I am back and excited to share new ideas and new outfits with you:)

Today I have decided to share with you: “What to wear on the first day at your new job” I know it can be super exciting, but the same time super nervous…You want to impress everyone on your first day with not only your knowledge, but with the way you look and dress.

I find it’s very important to wear something professional on your first day. Remember: “First impression will last Forever”- gold words ( my mom once told me)

Again to be dressed professionally   doesn’t mean boring:) Remember about Chanel: “In order to be irreplacable one must always be different”, thus be different, have your unique style!!!

And as always TED BAKER has everything what you need to make you feel confident and…

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