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Debate? I Wanna Rebate

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

The debate is tonight. Forget everything you know about the election so far because it is about to change. Clinton is going into this with a decent, but not commanding lead so it’s up to Trump to reverse things.

Can he? Will he try to do something big and bold? Or will he go with what got him here, more or less constantly hitting even if the punches are pretty low?

I’m going to argue that it doesn’t matter. This is Clinton’s election to win, and we’ll see why very shortly. If she can erase some of the negativity surrounding her simply by being in charge and very Presidential she can ice this thing. That’s what counts.

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Rereading Heinlein

The Arts Mechanical

This showed up on my timeline recently.

Many science fiction fans – me included – probably have a small soft spot buried away somewhere in their adolescent memories for Have Space Suit – Will Travel. Give Heinlein credit: It’s not only a cracking read, it’s also a pluralist warning against the dangers of fanatical conservatism, and a terrific Young Adult title before the category even existed. Kickstarter backers clearly thought so: The campaign has breached its $9000 target as at the time of writing (albeit with just 266 backers), with 25 days still to go.
According to the Trust’s blurb, “Eric Gignac is the lead artist for the Have Space Suit graphic novel project. Gignac was an artist for the graphic novel Citizen of the Galaxy. He has worked in the aerospace industry as a concept illustrator for 30 years and is internationally recognized for his space mission/flight…

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Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

Lebanese shortbread cookies stuffed with figs, dates or walnuts (the original fig newton???) Lebanese shortbread cookies stuffed with figs, dates or walnuts (the original Fig Newton???)

The year we shaped our lives in the redwood forest,
you brought a wounded salamander inside to heal.
We gathered woodsy things, thistles and pinecones.
We made rose-hip syrup, dried the last of the herbs.
I decorated the cabin in an ensemble of earth tones,
a spicy blend to match the fires you built in the hearth
and the scent of the East in the ma’amoul baking. Our
seasonal hibernation was swathed in sweets and books.
Our winter warmed on the gold-dust of our dreams.

© 2016, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; photograph, mamoul: biscotti libanesi, by fugzu under CC BY 2.0 license

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Top 5 Apps for Baby Health

Apps Reviewed

5. KidNurture

By using the App you can not only get informed regarding age specific important activities to observe but can also analyze on your own to get important pointers which you must raise in front of your doctor. Through this systematic observation you can have a very informed discussion with your doctor, bring any problem in time to the notice of your child’s doctor and together you can provide a better and healthy future to your kid.

4. Baby health graph

The App monitors feeding, sleeping, toilet and other parameters of your baby’s development. Supports multiple modes of reminders, helps parents and nannies in time to carry out all the necessary procedures. In addition, you can keep a diary of a child, add photos, record your voice and send it all to your friends.
3.FirstStep Baby Health

FirstStep is a child health management tool for parents who want to…

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GOING HOME #writephoto

Haddon Musings

Home, there it is at last.


I am finally home from the killing fields of Afghanistan and Iran.

Early snow this year.

Perfect for my last visit.

I see them gathered together at the table for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I take one last look at them as they lovingly offer prayers for me.

“May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.”  

Yes, now I can rest in peace.

This is written in response to a photo prompt provided by Sue Vincent at http://www.svincent.com.


Thanks for taking the time read.


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Haddon Musings

Every year the NEA National Heritage Fellowships recognizes people in varied artistic pursuits who have shown artistic excellence.  The National Endowment  supports the continuing contributions to our nation’s traditional arts heritage. This is our Nation’s highest honor in Folk Art.  One of the 2016 NEA National Fellows is Clarissa Rizal.  What follows is Clarissa’s story.



“After learning Chilkat, I gained the art of patience, the way of gratitude, and the act of compassion. The universe opened its doors with a flood of information; the kind of information not definable, yet powerfully written in our Native art, in the ways of our people, and in our commune with nature.”

Clarissa Rizal, member of the Raven T’akDein Taan (black-legged kittiwake) Clan of Hoonah/Glacier Bay, Alaska, is a highly respected cultural leader and a multitalented artist who has contributed to the revival and perpetuation of the Chilkat blanket weaving. These difficult and…

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