A different kind of love



I no longer lust, I do not want to chase,

Love has changed for me from a magical fanasy of an indervidual,

to the love of all who is close, I do not want to date,

I do not want to mate, fuck, screw, or lick,

I am happy spending my time with those who I like,

But on a more platonic level, I am not done with love,

But right now it is less important to find the one.

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Amtrak’s slow ride to Pittsburgh: It’s faster to drive


As Amtrak Train 43 chugged past Johnstown, lengthening shadows cast a melancholy pall over the town’s redbrick buildings, remnants of industrialization. Then the train plunged back into forest, where glimpses of the Conemaugh River peeked through the trees.

Final destination, Pittsburgh, was still almost two hours away.

It’s nearly 7½ hours on 350 miles of rail from Philadelphia to Pennsylvania’s big city in the west. It’s slower than an hour-and-15-minute flight or five-hour drive, and, at $47, comparable to the cost of tolls and gas on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Amtrak’s Pennsylvanian, which connects Pittsburgh with New York City for about 230,000 passengers a year, also leaves little room for flexibility.

One train a day leaves 30th Street Station for Pittsburgh, at 12:42 p.m. There’s only one return trip, at 7:30 a.m.

Better train service would mean fewer cars on the turnpike, economic development for towns on the route, and more…

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NEW YORKER Says It All (and other gripes too)


Must admit I did lot of political stuff when Bernie was active. Never touched Republicans. Now it is my turn to endorse a candidate. My Favorite Magazine, the NEW YORKER, did it in a cool way. YES, a 131 kilo / 289 pound Miss Universe sounds cool.

Much of what I do day-to-day is not glorious. Sometimes I get to write, what I call great blogs. You may not agree that SO HOW IS THE 124-YEAR OLD “START-UP” COMPANY DOING? is great. But I do. I spent several hours working on it.

Many times I think I am in the wrong business. I obviously love writing blogs. I love picking other blogs to REBLOG. But the STUFF that goes along with it is absolute “BS”. Respond to comments on WordPress. Go onto FACEBOOK and respond to whatever. Same with TWITTER, PINTEREST and the other little followers. Not Like the old…

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