I was captured

between the whisper

of seasons

lost in autumn bliss

the pull of school campuses

taste on the tongue, a tinge of cool relief,

but then the melancholy

of slipping

as all the seasons

of the past

have eased in

and become fragments.

Between the lacy crispness

of leaves

the bounty of a full moon

heralding the call

of witching

the lost art of thankfulness

down a road that

is still winding,

a plan unraveling

seeking fire breath

and the origin of Stonehenge

captured within it all

beneath orange sky

for a moment,

the mystical and the mundane.


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Wedding Dance — Dancing On My Own


Dancing On My Own – VIDEOS

img_9419 New York Fashion USA – Highwaypay

I have long been convinced that the world is divided between people who enjoy being the center of attention and people who hate being the center of attention. Both my son and I are in the second category, as are most members of my family. Additionally, neither my son nor I like to dance and […]

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Chase The Lion – Book Review

Rebekka Lien

Hello Friends!

I am starting a new page on my blog which will allow me to read books and review them!


Chase The Lion is a motivational book that will help you get off your ass. Mark Batterson provides examples from his own life as well as examples from the Bible and various historical peoples’ lives to help readers see CHASING THE LION as an easy enough goal. Every chapter provides an actionable goal and reason for chasing the dream.

This book came at a pivotal time as I recently got a prophetic word that God will roar over me and fight the battles for me. I believe that this book is a reminder to everyone that we do not have to be afraid to fight the battles and go for the dreams that we have in our hearts.

“Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive…

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Boston Book Launch and Lecture

After the Final Curtain

After the Final Curtain: The Fall of the American Movie Theater is being released on November 15, 2016. After the Final Curtain: The Fall of the American Movie Theater is being released on November 15, 2016.

Hi Everyone – I’ll be speaking about my upcoming book, After the Final Curtain: The Fall of the American Movie Theater, at the Somerville Theatre in Somerville, Massachusetts on November 13 at 6:30 PM.

If you want to get a copy of my book a few days before the official release this is your chance. Tickets are only $5 and can be purchased here. Hope to see you there!

You can preview the book at the following link: After the Final Curtain. Pre orders are available at the following locations: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound.

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Tues. Sept. 27, 2016: Threads of Words

Ink In My Coffee

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Rainy and cool

Busy times, and difficult to keep up here. Much of my focus right now is on the revisions for DEATH OF A CHOLERIC. In the notes I made over the weekend, there are plans to cut quite a few characters and several secondary plot lines. I’m going to weave them into the series later on. I’ve revised about nine chapters over the past few days.

However, in order for certain procedural things to make sense, I also have to add two or three characters and fix a few things. I also want to go darker with this draft. When I started writing the first draft last year, I was thinking in terms of cozy. The more I wrote, the more I realized I don’t want to go in that direction, or be limited by that formula. I want a…

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Haddon Musings



I invite you to come and join me on this pilgrimage to change the world through thankfulness.  Perhaps if enough of us join together we can change the negative climate that exists and is overtaking our planet. Together we can move our fellow citizens of to a better, higher and finer place.

At the end of the post you will find a link up frog and I hope you will join me on this venture and once a week write a post and link up to others and share what you are thankful for this week.


I am enchanted by October.  I find everything about this month irresistible.  The sound and feeling of the crunch of leaves as I walk in the morning, the light that blazes so clear that is reveals all the nuances of the landscape, the vistas…

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