Top 5 Apps for Lunchbox Recipes 

Apps Reviewed

1.Japanese Recipes & Food:OYSHEE

The App helps you find recipes to cook tasty Japanese cuisine.OYSHEE means ‘TASTY’ in Japanese. Oyshee features recipes from both chefs and everyday Japanese. All recipes can be converted between US and metric measurements.

There are 4 ways to find recipes in app

1.Keywords: You can find recipes by filtering categories or searching by keyword.

2.Dietary Needs: If you want to find healthy recipes, try the Healthy category. We’ve classified recipes according to their health benefits.

3.Japanese Super Foods: know about dishes that use Japanese superfoods like hijiki, shirataki noodles, soba, miso and others.

4.Super Easy : For beginners recipes marked with the “super easy” icon.There recipes can be made within 15 minutes or using 5 ingredients or less.

The App has detailed descriptions of Japanese ingredients. The calorie meter does not work.

2.tasty tiffin box recipes

Easy to cook Indian bread and rice dish within…

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