Happy birthday Mom !

My little brittle Universe

Thank you O! Mother,

Without you I never had existed.

Without your blessings,

i had never succeed.

I still remember,

On every issues,

On our every mischief,

Forgiving us,

You always loved more.

Whenever you saw us in pain,

Cried for help, during our peers;

Massaging head, you would say

“Everything will be Alright”

You soothe soul thro’ heavenly touch.

In my hostel’s mess, where i eat,

There’s no one to ask;

“Want more chapattis beta”??

I miss you, when i walk out,

Without seeing your glorious face!

There are friends so caring,

Colleagues for sharing,

Seniors who keep guiding,

Juniors with whom I smile;

Everything feels like “salt less” stile.

I’m blessed, i thanks THE ALMIGHTY,

He archaised me in form of YOU,

You instilled ettiquetes & ethics in Me,

And gave lessons to Live,

introduced GOD, for Self-belief.

Taking all pain so swiftly,

You bear me & sister…

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