Poetry Share – Sarah Kay

I missed National Poetry Day, or maybe I was a day early by posting the extraordinary work of Langston Hughes.  I have many favorite poets, so it is impossible to pick just one, but I would say that Sarah Kay is probably my favorite of current poets.  She is amazingly talented and spends a great deal of time teaching all over the world to help educate and inspire young people.  Sarah Kay is a master of spoken word poetry, and this video is a tribute to her favorite principal.

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Why? Why do you do this to me?

White Padded Room

*Disclaimer:  Here I am complaining about snow when Hurricane Matthew was wreaking havoc and destruction in the eastern Caribbean and the southeastern United States at the time that I was writing this post.  Apologies for my insensitivity brought on by my usual lack of brain activity.  My sincere thoughts go out to any of you affected by this natural disaster.

It’s apparent in Kelto’s hand gestures.  It is also apparent in my voice as I look up at the sky after the fairly hefty snowfall we had a couple of days ago.  I’m not quite sure if I’m talking to the Snow God.  I’m quite sure that some cultures believe in a Rain God.  But a Snow God?  Honestly, I would have to look that one up.  Where I live, snow does not usually come until the very last day of October.  Sometimes, we get treated and the snow does…

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Why I volunteer and Why I think you should do it too

Erratic Expeditions

Last September, I heard of Abhyasika, a non-profit initiative of IIT Bombay that supplements school students’ academics. I joined as a volunteer subject tutor. I was assigned a twelfth-grade student whom I was supposed to teach Physics.

I was a bit anxious initially, uncertain about how good a job I would be able to do. Being very coherent while speaking is not my forte, so I had reasons to be as such. There were times when I would get irritated when he would not understand something even after my repeated tries. Or when he would not complete his homework.

But I became more thoughtful of my reactions after the initial few weeks. After all, I used to be the same a few years ago. I wondered how my teachers would have felt then. I became calmer and more considerate of his plight.

A few weeks ago, I came to know that he…

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