Inglorious Moments?

Erratic Expeditions

In your most private self, you always imagine a trajectory for your life. You might boast of adventure but deep down you do want some certainty, some sense of achievement. Most of your actions are dedicated towards that. You are conscious of them, most certainly because they protect a tangible end result.

And then there are moments that you just let slip through the cracksof time. They are like twinkling stars – too far to make sense of. But they are always there. It just takes a rare dark night to appreciate them. That sudden flash when you realise – they did play their part.

When you helped a stranger find a street. When you first read a book. When you first wrote a poem. When you left home for college. When you started reading a newspaper. When you danced and sang at a gathering, carefree. When you helped…

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My Diary: Casting Shadows With The Sun In My Head

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I got up with a picture of the sun eclipsed by two March hares in the Ancient Greek Tokamak of my mind.‭ ‬I wrapped my head in a cloth last worn by a close friend of Cleopatra and then went to London dressed as a Napoleon in Wellington boots‭ ‬-‭ ‬I was expecting rain but the sun danced like a lagomorph all day.‭ ‬I tied up all my loose ends with the ghost of a tea clipper casting pointed shadows on the pristine white floor.‭ ‬I returned home inside a football kicked by multiracial feet,‭ ‬finding myself in the back of the net surprisingly early in the evening.‭ ‬June was hanging upside down reading a book on bats when I opened the‭ ‬middle door‭ ‬-‭ ‬I placed the bags I had been carrying in a sacred circle and made a set of steps I will climb up when I am…

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5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #64

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

My weekly post for some entertainment; for myself and all of you!

1. Sneezes are weird! I mean, they just come and go as they please and you literally cannot stop them. It’s like the sneeze takes over your body for 4 seconds and your body just lets it! And then sometimes they just feel so good too.

2. It’s become a proven fact that if I have one alcoholic beverage and then lay down on the couch, I WILL fall asleep. Sitting up right….just fine. If I go horizontal though, it’s all over.

3. That moment when you finish a show on Netflix and then you go into this period of searching for the next show and it takes forever so you just give up and watch chick flicks from the 90s.

4. I’m planning on joining a new gym soon! Get this booty back into shape! Well…hopefully. Check…

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How it feels like when you know death is at your doorstep ? #1 


I was standing in front of the mirror with  medical report clutched tightly in my hand.  Watching my reflection I knew may be this is the last time . I tried to find fear in my eyes I FOUND TERROR, I FOUND APPREHENSION. I was trying to absorb the fact that cancer  will soon take my existence away  . As reality dawned on me Reports slipped off my hands . As gravity was pulling the falling reports to the ground , it felt like satan was pulling me the same way to abyss . The very moment i felt numb and felt weak on my knees . Tears brimmed on my eyes and ran through my cheek like an unleashed brute . That day i screamed ,yelled ,cried on until my eyes got swollen and sleep found me on the cold floor.  


Night was young and the…

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