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My Diary: In Search Of Invisible Friends and Visible Enemies

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I woke with an alarm bell for a head‭ ‬-‭ ‬I am still waiting for it to go off.‭ ‬June went out for the day,‭ ‬walking backwards and with her coat inside out.‭ ‬I half expected her to be back before she left but she returned in the prolonged wet of the evening with a coat in one bag and an ocean in the other,‭ ‬I dipped my toe in the ocean and then swam in the coat.‭ ‬I had spent the day nailed to a pseudo-religious floor,‭ ‬getting free late afternoon with the help of a travelling troupe of animal players who wore masks with extinct flora and fauna on them and claimed to have entertained the Russian Royal Family.‭ ‬I showed them something I had written just before their machine gun shadows were metamorphosed into tiger stains on a jungle patterned carpet.

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Falling Moon

Myths of the Mirror


In my fantasy world, the Falling Moon welcomes a world of pattering rains and burnished leaves fluttering in brisk winds. The wilderness twirls and tumbles and the forest floor blazes in a coverlet of color. The land softens and patchworks of umber and gold quilt the hillsides. It’s a time of frosted breath and morning ice, of warm fires and falling light.

The Falling Moon shines over the world on October 16th

Pieter Bruegel Pieter Bruegel

Excerpt from Eye of Fire,  Dragon Soul Quartet (Book II)

That night the travelers celebrated their safe arrival with the village. Lamb sizzled on spits over two cookfires in Phelan’s trampled gardens, and the women of Taran Leigh served the season’s last greens, seeded bread, and tart pies sweetened with clover honey. The men uncorked jugs of dark ale and passed them around the gathering, making for a jovial evening.

Taran Leigh’s cooper carted in a drum fashioned…

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the lady confidential

Hello! Everyone. Hope you all having an amazing day. I’m back again with a new blog post. In this blog I’m going to review owlpost.pk monthly subscription box. So let’s get started.

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Owlpost.pkPicture credit hiba.reads ​


Owlpost is Pakistan’s monthly books subscription box. This box is themed oriented. Every month new theme is launched. They offer nerd goodies to die for. The September owlpost theme was “All to human”.Owlpost.Pk ​


Inside the box:
Get ready to have your heart broken while filling you with hope, and by the end of this gripping, pulse-pounding novel, you’ll be smiling through your tears. Thats what an emotional roller coaster feels like! Ignite your emotions with your personal copy of “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hover.

What’s the most comfortable thing is in the world? A book…

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