New Neighbors

It's All In Perception

Nine days ago, a new couple moved into the apartment next door to mine. I should just let you all know right off the bat that i’m nosy. Actually, i prefer to refer to myself as naturally curious. I love to know what’s going on around me as much as i can. It’s not that i’m bored with my life. I have plenty to do, and i’m truly quite busy. But, people watching is my favorite hobby, and i have my suspicions about these new neighbors.  They’re a married couple of thirty six. I heard this through the building grapevine. And i overheard the maintenance manager say that they’re from Vermont, and it was the husband’s new job that brought them out west to Oregon. He also said that they’ve both been asking a lot of questions about how much it rains out here in the wintertime. It rains a…

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