The Raven's Nest

the-brideI always loved corsets, it is a life contradiction.

Wanting to be bonded strapped confined but within yourself, almost a jail but something easy to escape.

The corset is untied and abandoned on the side of a bed after all the candles are burned and their wax loses their figure as you regain yours. You want to love with it it, you want to be loved in it. Your waist is rigid but all the rest of your body seems to bloom and live a life of it own, seperated from the other jailed zone. Sensation are as defined as these new curves flaunting themselves under the precious satin. You want unruly action when you are contrived. You crave for intensity, passion and madness under the pale veil of the lace. You are a cathedral, a celebration, an architectural display, a past dream and a ghostly romance.

You are what you…

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To Watch The Debate or Not To Watch, That Is A Question #debatenight

The Tony Burgess Blog


Should I watch the 3rd United States Presidential Debate? Is it going to make a difference at this time for me or the nation at this point? I think watching it by Twitter or some other way might be good. My mind has been made up for a long time, so I guess I would be better served by watching something else. Maybe I am too chicken and I am afraid that my candidate is going to screw up. To be honest the political cycle this time around has been very caustic and very mean. Let’s see how I feel after watching Survivor: Gen X vs. Millennials on CBS TV.

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My Diary: Watching My Reflection With A Spinning Top On My Head

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I got up with the head of a spider monkey and the tail of a raccoon‭; ‬June remained in bed talking of redecorating the zoo.‭ ‬After a breakfast of old pictures I walked the dog along the sharpened edge of a razor,‭ ‬painted a clown’s face black and then went to lunch with myself and June.‭ ‬We both ate minutes instead of food before being served a meal of ball bearings and brake fluid.‭ ‬I came home to sew badges onto flying carpets while June stayed in town garlanding shopping malls with conversation.‭ ‬She came home eventually as the contents of a hypodermic syringe‭; ‬being injected into the living room (which was wearing Boer War camouflaged stockings and green vegetables freshly grown in the Crimea).‭ ‬I saluted like a Great Western Railway signal and poured boiling hot tea from a ball point pen.

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Book Review: Tier One

Tier One (Tier One #1)Tier One 

by Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Co-authors Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson’s Tier One (Thomas & Mercer 2016) is a heart-stopping, action-packed military thriller told through the eyes of an American Special Forces operator, an Iranian Muslim jihadist, and the man responsible for pitting the two against each other to see who wins.    

Dempsey is a top-level SEAL, so seriously injured in a mission-gone-bad that he must leave his SEAL Team and join a covert group of hand-picked operators who use HUMINT, SIGINT, and other intel-type of resources to wage their battles. Their first task: Find out who sabotaged the last mission that destroyed Dempsey’s team.  As the story progresses, we root for Dempsey to make the transition from warrior SEAL to intel-based operator as he struggles to come to terms with the changes required to…

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Monuments and Memories

They carved you a monument

black, glossy, light bouncing stone

now reflecting that brilliant sun.

There you are

keeping company

in a field of pioneers.

We ran together

back in the day

through streets of youth

alleys of fashion

bell bottoms

and funky clothes

liking Frampton loud.

You tempting the

Netherworld wearing your

black eyeliner,

bold girl, you were strong

a mover of heavy things.

I was the shy golden girl

conquered by words

waiting for your cue

your headstrong, heady presence

me arriving late for Act One.

Now it has come to this

and you always having to be

one step ahead

of me.

So I watched from the sidelines

as you

grabbed a ticket

that fell from Night’s silky scarf.

Now you beckon to me

saving me a place in time

as you masquerade gaily

buoyed by force and energy

leaving us pondering

in a field of admiring…

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