Haddon Musings

Today I would like  to continue celebrating National Writing Day by sharing with you some wonderful writers that it  has been my pleasure to meet through writing my blog.


D. Wallace Peach (Dianne) specializes in writing fantasy that will transport you to a different time and place.  Her blog site is Myths of the Mirror and she can be found at http://www.mythofthemirror.com.


Brigid P. Gallagher is a holistic practitioner who writes about “life lessons in being slow” and soon will publish a book filled with these lessons. She can be found at Watching the Daisies, http://www.watchingthedaisies.com.


Osyth takes beautiful photographs and spins interesting yarns.  She can be found at Half Baked in Paradise, http://www.osyth.org.


Judy Dykstra-Brown writes a blog titled Life Lesson and she can be found at http://www.judydystrabrown.com.  You are sure to enjoy her gorgeous photography and her funny and quick witted poetry.


Lyn from Lynz Real Cooking, http://www.lynzrealcooking.com…

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