Music Monday – “My Shot” – From #Hamilton The Musical

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Music Monday has returned after a small absence. This is a great one to return on.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and team have created a great musical about American History featuring Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Hamilton is great art in full display. I would love to see this musical but tickets are hard to come by and they are expensive which speaks to the demand for this Broadway show.

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My Diary: The Disease That Even Imagination Cannot Cure

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I walked out of the house with my cup of tea converted to a brown mist floating some way above the sailing boat on my head.‭ ‬Both the mist and the boat dispersed before I caught the mechanical camel to the bird haunt and finally the primate Olympus where the gorilla god spoke using several words at once,‭ ‬I replied with multiple silences.‭ ‬I came home to take the chocolate princess to see a pair of hands‭; ‬the hands pointed out bad news and June and I crept into stone towers to shuffle home.‭ ‬I heard a strange whispering from the cellar we haven’t got and saw a premonition of the sea above towns of municipal coral.‭ ‬In disgust I broke mere words into pieces and handed them around‭; ‬only one person refused the gift and he had arrow slits for eyes‭ ‬-‭ ‬I drew a picture with arrows instead…

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Collateral (2004)


“I can tell you why people go insane; I can show you how you can do the same!”


Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Studios present…

It’s a numbers game! Two opposite men, two interlocking jobs, five destinations and one life changing night…simple math right?

A fast paced, no holds barred killing spree that follows the story of a hit man who hires a cab driver as it turns into a night of adversely, sullen proportions! The objective was to get to his five targets that were involved in a pending drug indictment case in the following morning. Tom Cruise (Minority Report) makes a full swing here coming from a long line of heroes he portrayed in every film he’s been with.

Tom has played so much character driven representation in his lifetime but not like this, not as an antagonist. Cold and brutal in his work as he demands nothing less…

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Stop Pimping Yourself Out

Rebekka Lien


(that’s a really ripe banana)

Wisdom always comes descending into my mind in the most inconvenient times like at 2am, 4 am. But then I am an alien so I have to be mindful of these downloads and know that this is why I’m on earth, to spread the wisdom of light.

This time I am confronted with the fact that I have let things distract me.

Which makes sense because God even spoke to me through a tattoo a few months ago. The tattoo said “focus”. 

Which brings me back to the fact that yes, I can blame people or specifically for my mom for being a distraction, always asking me to go out, go eat, go shopping, go somewhere with her…or I can simple learn to say no….that for once, in this time of INSPIRATION, this season where I don’t need to MIND anything but CREATION, CREATING, WRITING…

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