The Time Tunnel

ESSAY-LIKE SUNDAY MORNING: Today’s lesson was brilliantly taught by Sister Johnson. The lesson was entitled, “SEEKING CONTINUITY AND PERMANENCE”. The Scripture was from Hebrews 7:1-3, 19-28. The KEY VERSE was verse 24 which reads, “Because Jesus lives forever, He has a permanent priesthood” (NIV).

The writer of Hebrews faced a daunting task, that of convincing a bunch of Jews, who revered Moses and Father Abraham, and whose tradition dictated that the male descendants of Jacob’s son Levi, the patron of one of the “12 tribes of Israel”, be the designated “priests” of Israel. They were the only ones allowed access to the “Holy of Holies”—the place where God dwelled on earth.

In previous lessons, “the writer” contended that Jesus was greater than all of the prophets, the angels, Moses and Aaron, and the designated, “high priests” of the Levite lineage.

Change can sometimes be a great obstacle to progress. The…

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